Basic Smokey Eyes For Beginners

I'm using Urban Decay's Naked 2 pallette. What I like about it is that you can only own this particular palette but would still make tons of different looks. I need to stop right there because tjis is not a post about how I love this palette but rather a begginers guide to smokey eyes using three different colors. (Light, meduim and dark.) 

These are the three shades I used. If you don't have this palette, feel free to improvise with your own preffered colors or you can use dupes. 

TOP: Always use a primer when you do a smokey eye. I'm using Urban Decay's  Primer Potion in original. Spread evenly on the eyelids. What a primer does is keep the eyeshadow in place all day/night.

BOTTOM: (First color) Apply tape on the sides of the eyes for a clean cat eye effect. Then using a flat brush, apply your shimmery taupe color starting from the inner corner to the middle of the eyelids.

TOP: (Second color) With a fluffy eyeshadow brush, apply your medium color and blend it with your first color brushing inwards. Take your time if you really want it nice and blended. 

BOTTOM: (Third color) With the same fluffy brush I used above, I will apply my darkest color. Apply a small amount first then build the consistency to avoid mess-ups.

TOP: Remove the tape on both sides of the eyes and you will see this harsh line on the sides of your eyes. With a  clean blending brush, blend the harsh lines.

BOTTOM: With an angled brush apply the third/darkest color from out to inwards. Only until the bottom of the pupil and blend, blend, blend.

TOP: Line your eyes. The best trick is to slightly look down on your mirror then line them.

BOTTOM: Tight lining makes the look ten times better. What is tight lining? It is applying eyeliner under the eyelashes. Doing so gives it the illusion of bolder, thicker lashes and also it mskes you eyes pop. 

And finally put on your false eye lashes. They are the cherry on top of every smokey eye and viola! If you messed up that's alright. Practice makes perfect! Try it.